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Gold Coast Orthodontists COVID-19 Update

Gold Coast Orthodontists COVID-19 Practice Update

2 August 2021


Dear Gold Coast Orthodontists Patients, Parents and Caregivers,

Please read this information prior to attending your upcoming appointment so that you are fully prepared and informed as to the changes that have been made to ensure both your and our safety.

Effective from the 2 August 2021 all persons attending our practices that are over the age of 12 must wear a mask. In addition;

If you answer YES to any of the following statements please DO NOT attend your appointment and phone our team to reschedule your appointment.

  • I have been in close or casual contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • I have been in a current government designated COVID-19 hotspot area or have been asked to quarantine in the last 14 days or I have travelled overseas in the last 14 days.
  • I have fever OR Acute Respiratory Infection with or without fever eg: shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, any cold and flu like symptoms.
  • I am or have been unwell in the last 14 days.


As part of our increased infection control procedures and in accordance with government guidelines we will be limiting the number of people in our waiting rooms to the patient we are treating and a caregiver only where achievable. We would also ask that you bring your own face mask where applicable and to leave the practice once your appointment is completed and your next visit re-scheduled. Please do not lean on the counter at reception and do not bring in trollies or food.

Prior to entering the practice all attendees entering the practice must:

  • Discard any drinks or food (no exceptions)
  • Check in using the QR code located at each front door. All accompanying family members must also check in.
  • Use the provided hand sanitiser
  • Inform the front desk of your arrival

Please brush your teeth prior to your appointment as we are unable to offer this facility at the moment.

We genuinely appreciate your understanding at this time and look forward to continuing your Orthodontic care and treatment.

Warm regards

The Team at Gold Coast Orthodontists

To help you through this time, we have put together some questions and answers that will hopefully help resolve some of the concerns you may have.

Your Braces were scheduled to go on in the next few weeks?
What happens now?
For those patients that were due to get your braces on, rest assured we are looking forward to getting you started and on your way to a straight healthy smile. We will be in touch to reschedule your appointments which may require some new impression appointments.

Your Braces were scheduled to come off over the next few weeks?
What happens now?
For those patients that were due to get your braces off, rest assured we are looking forward to taking your braces off for the big reveal. We will be in touch very soon to see how things are going. In the meantime please keep up great oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.

You are currently in braces and are wearing elastics, what do you do?
Please continue to wear your elastics as you have been instructed to do so. We will be in touch closer to your scheduled appointment.

You are currently wearing Invisalign Aligners, what do you do?
Please keep on wearing your current aligners. If you are ready for a new set of aligners please follow the “How To Take Intra Oral Photos Guide” and email us your photos so that we can assess where you are and organise for your new aligners to be posted directly to you.

You are currently in braces and all is going great, do I need to do anything?
For those patients in current treatment with no concerns we would ask that you make sure your oral hygiene is maintained by regular brushing and flossing. Sit tight and we will be contacting you to reschedule your appointment when we are able to do so. We will post regular updates on our website and social media sites to keep you informed and are here to support you should you have any concerns. Just email us when needed.

You are currently in braces and have a concern, a broken bracket, wire digging into your cheek, a missing o-ring or something else going on. What do you do?
If you have a concern or something is broken or causing discomfort, FIRST, watch the video that is relevant to your concern on the VIDEO link on the bottom of this page as it may help assist you in attending to the concern yourself. If it does not please follow the “How To Take Intra Oral Photos Guide” and email us your photos so that we can assess what is happening and provide advice on what to do until such time we can schedule an appointment to see you.

You have recently had your braces off and are wearing your retainers and your appointment is coming up for us to check your retainers.

Please continue to wear your retainers until we are able to schedule a review appointment.

We may ask you to take some photos of your teeth to help us get a clear picture of what is happening and how we may be able to help.  Please follow the steps in the video.  Examples of what the photos should like are below.

Patient Left Side Photo Example

Patient Right Side Photo Example

Patient Upper Arch Photo Example

Patient Lower Arch Photo Example

Patient Front Photo Example



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